On behalf of the International Advisory Board and Organizing Committee of the International Symposium on Intercalation Compounds (ISIC), it is our privilege and pleasure to invite you to the 20th Edition of the ISIC, which take place in Campinas, a beautiful Brazilian city with a lively University ambiance in an outstanding mild climate.

The first ISIC was held in France in 1977. After this date, the meeting has been organised every two years in different Countries of Europe, Asia and America: the last meeting was in Assisi in May 2017. 

In all these conferences, the peculiar properties of intercalation compounds were focussed and debated. The combination of solid materials of different dimensionality with atomic or molecular guest species via intercalation processes represents a unique synthesis strategy for the design of solids with particular composition, structure and physicochemical properties. Thus, the design and the characterization of intercalation compounds, with advanced functional properties, needs the interdisciplinary competences of material chemists, physicists, engineers and biologists. This field has experienced great developments and represents nowadays an established specific domain of solid-state research and materials sciences.

Nevertheless, advancement on the intercalation chemistry will only be possible through a deeper knowledge of structure and reactivity of the hosts gained by the development of novel synthetic methods and specific characterization techniques. This Symposium is an unique opportunity for the Intercalation Compounds Community to bring together information, results and ideas that will stimulate further exploration of the intercalation processes and compounds.

The program of the 20th ISIC conference will include Plenary and Keynote Lectures, as well as oral and poster presentations.  Participation of young researchers, both from Industry and University, will be strongly facilitated by low registration fees and fair lodging possibilities.

Numerous opportunities to meet colleagues in informal discussions will be made easy by an attractive location, taking advantage of the features of the University Campus, a large amount of parks and free space where to gather and discuss.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we wish you a fruitful and enriching symposium and a pleasant stay at Campinas.

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