Procedure for submission of abstracts

  1. Before starting the submission of abstracts, you and the other authors of the abstract must be registered in the system at the conference. ALL AUTHORS MUST CREATE AN ACCOUNT, but at least one must pay the registration fee for the accepted abstract is published/presented.

  2. Use the CREATE/ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT on the top of this page to register you and all other authors.

  3. Download the template in Word for your ABSTRACT by clicking HERE

  4. Replace all the information in the model regarding your work. DO NOT CHANGE THE FORMAT THAT IS IN THE MODEL. Each field in the template should be completed preserving the formatting of the text.

  5. Save the document containing your ABSTRACT on your computer, remembering the place where it is.

  6. ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT (at the top left corner of the page, CREATE/ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT) and click on ABSTRACT.

  7. Click NEW.

  8. Enter your abstract title in the TITLE field.

  9. Choose the type of presentation (poster, oral).

  10. Choose the subject area that best fits your contribution.

  11. Put the summary text on the box SUMMARY.

  12. Remember that in this field (box) shall be placed only the summary, WITHOUT: author, title, subject and type of presentation.
  13. Remember also that this field (box) has a limitation of text according to the rules defined by the Scientific Committee for submission of abstracts. A counter at the bottom of the box will show remaining available space for text.

  14. Click SAVE before upload the file

  15. To send the file of the complete ABSTRACT click UPLOAD FILE, choose the place that you saved your ABSTRACT (on the computer) and upload the file.

  16. In the right column AUTHOR choose the other authors of your abstract among the list of registered participants at the conference.

  17. After choosing all the authors, SAVE the information.

  18. Now your abstract has been submitted. You can check all information submitted by clicking on the edit icon in front of the line in the summary list of abstracts.

  19. During the submission period your abstract can be changed or deleted.

  20. At the end of the submission period CHANGES ARE NOT ALLOWED.

For futher assistance, please fill out the complete form below.

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